Orange Boy Ergo


The updated firmware for the OBE eliminates the need for the EEPROM. It is still available for purchase along with the kit.

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The Orange Boy Ergo (aka OBE) is our take on a super budget ergo / Alice-like kit. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on something they might not enjoy. We went with a layout that includes arrow keys since most people need them. There’s also 3 macro keys on the left hand side but you could have a knob and 2 macro keys instead.

If you’re familiar with our previous products, you won’t be surprised that this is yet another through hole kit. The biggest difference as far as the component list goes will be the BlackPill. The BlackPill is a very affordable dev board option that supports USB-C from the start and its installation is essentially identical to more common dev boards such as the Pro Micro.

In the interest of keeping this kit as cheap as possible, we’re making some parts optional. The OBE is designed to be used without a switch plate (we recommend using 5-pin switches in general), but we are also offering a switch plate for an additional cost. We’re also not including a knob and encoder in the base kit, but those are available to add on to the kit.

Base kit contents:
Note: The base kit no longer includes EEPROM or resistors for the EEPROM. The base firmware now supports EEPROM emulation. If you would like to add the EEPROM on, please select the option for it when ordering.

  • Black Pill dev board
  • PCB
  • Bottom Plate
  • Diodes
  • Status LEDs + resistors
  • Standoffs
  • Screws
  • Rubber Bumpons (feet)


  • MX Switch support
  • USB Type-C
  • QMK/VIA/VIAL support
  • Optional encoder
  • Status LEDs (Num + Caps)
  • RGB LED strip headers
  • Aluminum feet cutouts
  • Reversible bottom plate

The OBE has a few layout options, not too many. You can do a giant right shift and/or split backspace.