[Preorder] PillBug BLE Development Board


The PillBug is a pin compatible replacement for the BlackPill that offers Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity and on-board battery management.

It can be used as a drop in replacement for the BlackPills used in keyboard kits as well as a separate development platform if you are feeling creative.


  • Powered by nRF52840
  • On-board battery charging circuitry and management to make sure it can make the most out of your battery of choice
  • On-board reset switch
  • SWD programming headers that match the BlackPill programming headers
  • Maximum number of broken out pins possible for the nRF52840 to let you make full use out of peripherals and features you want to add to your boards
  • UF2 Bootloader to make drag and drop flashing nice and easy to use without additional software
  • ZMK Support
  • Typical I2C and Serial interface support to match BlackPill
  • Tested and easy to install with our keyboard kits offered on site
  • Status LED that can be programmed to be used for various functions

The units have arrived and the preorder fulfillment set to begin shortly with these moving to regular stock.

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