Orange Boy Ergo

A budget conscious Alice-like kit for those who don’t want to tumble recklessly down the rabbit hole.

Group buy starts at noon ET July 16th and runs until August 8th.

Fulfillment planned to start early October.


GeekHack Thread

Mercutio Restocked?


July 9th at 12 pm ET.

Affordable and Available

The two big complaints about this custom mechanical keyboard hobby are the prices and all the waiting. Here at MechWild, we are prioritizing budget options that are never months and months away.

Evolving Designs

We created MechWild to develop and produce keyboards that don’t look like every other keyboard within the same category. Even though we aim for unique designs and layout, we maintain the functionality everyone deserves and expects.


Each of us in MechWild wouldn’t be where we are without the community. We stay as active as our busy schedules allow us to keep a finger on the pulse of the keyboard hobby. We also love to hear from our supporters what we can do better or what they’d be excited to see brought into the hobby space.