Where are you located?

We operate and ship out of West Chester, Ohio.

What’s your deal?

Here at MechWild, we just enjoy designing budget DIY keyboard kits and offering them through relatively short group buys. There’s a lot of neat layouts in the custom keyboard world, but not everyone has the time or money to join a GB for every little thing they want to try out.

Does this mean you’ll only make FR4 stack kits?

Not at all. We have plans to produce machined aluminum keyboards. We have no specific timeline for this, but we will make a big deal out of it when it does happen.

Do you sponsor or otherwise work with creators?

We do, if you’re interested in featuring one of our products on your social media, fill out the affiliate application form and we’ll contact you if we’re interested. You don’t have to be a keyboard streamer either, we will consider you as long as you are hobby or tech focused.


How do I know what’s an in-stock item versus group buy?

Group buy items will have “[GB]” in the title as well as dates for GB period and expected fulfillment. All other items are in stock and will ship out within a few days.

I missed a group buy, am I at the mercy of the aftermarket if I want a board?

No, we order an absurd number of extra units to sell as in-stock once the group buy is fulfilled. After that, we do our best to keep that product in stock as much as possible.

Can I order group buy items along with in-stock items?

You can, but your order will not ship until the GB item(s) are ready to ship.

How do I keep up with a group buy I’ve joined?

We provide updates in a few places. If you join our Discord, you can receive detailed updates. You can also check the Projects page.

You got any coupon codes?

Not right now, we price our products as low as possible to make them as accessible as we can.


Where do you ship from?

West Chester, Ohio.

When will my order ship?

We aim for 2 post office drop offs every week so your order will usually ship with a few days.

What shipping service(s) do you use?

For domestic orders, we use USPS First Class or Priority. For international orders, we offer USPS First Class International, Priority (if your order qualifies), and soon, we will be offering DHL.

How long does shipping take?

Domestic orders take 2-5 days to be delivered. International orders take 2-4 weeks to be delivered.

Can you underdeclare the value of my package so I can evade import taxes?


Troubleshooting and Support

I got this kit and it’s just a bunch of little parts. How do I build this thing?

We write detailed build guides for all of our products. You can go to the Build Guides and follow the one for your kit.

I fucked up.

That’s not a question, but if you cause irreparable damage to a product, we try to have replacement parts available for purchase. If something isn’t available, feel free to notify us in our Discord server.

Where can I go if I need more help than this FAQ page can provide?

The best place to go for additional help is our Discord server. You can also use our contact page, but we prefer Discord as it’s easier to monitor and we have a dedicated crew of helpers who can jump in and provide assistance.