Current Projects

Group buy dates: July 16th – August 8th

Budget focused Alice DIY kit with arrow keys and optional knob

GB Status

DIY Numpad Kit with macros, knob, OLED

Group buy dates: March 19th – April 11th

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Shipment Progress

Group buy dates: January 15 – February 6th, 2021

40% through hole kit w/ OLED, encoder

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In stock, for now...

Completed Projects

Group buy dates: November 14-21st, 2020

30% ortholinear + numpad DIY hotswap kit.

Fulfillment dates: Dec 10 – Dec 16, 2020

Keep an eye out for V2 details, coming soon

Group Buy Closed
All orders shipped

Upcoming Projects


A compact entry board for those interested in Steno

Development Progress