Mercutio 40% DIY Kit


40% Through hole DIY kit with OLED and knob

Voted Top 4 in the 40% Discord’s Board of the Year 2021

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The Mercutio is a 40% through hole DIY kit with an OLED and rotary encoder. We chose a 40% for our 2nd release because it’s the great divide between useable boards and boards that are too small. Pretty much everyone finds 60% boards useable, you might miss the arrow keys, but it’s an easy problem to solve with layers. Once you get down to 40%, however, you lose numbers and some punctuation. That amount of layering takes some getting used to. Personally, I wanted to see more budget 40% options because I would hate to spend top dollar for a 40%, wait a long time, just to find out I don’t like it. At this price point, we feel we’re providing a very accessible and affordable option for people to “just try out.” We didn’t want to stop there though. Instead of pushing all the through hole components to the top of the board, slapping a clear guard over them, and calling it a day, we added a little flair to the forehead of the board. Instead of a boring acrylic rectangle, our acrylic ends in a smooth curve where it meets the plate extension that houses the OLED and knob. In this kit, all of the required parts are included as well as a few extra diodes. All you need to provide to complete it is stabilizers, switches, and keycaps. We are offering some addons and extra parts linked below.

Supported Layouts:

Mercutio supported layouts


  • Fully through hole kit
  • 128×32 OLED
  • Rotary encoder
  • MX-only compatibility
  • Base kit compatible mods
  • QMK and VIA compatible