40% Through hole DIY kit with OLED and knob

Voted Top 4 in the 40% Discord’s Board of the Year 2021

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The Mercutio is a 40% through hole DIY kit with an OLED and rotary encoder. We added a little flair to the forehead of the board. Instead of a boring acrylic rectangle, our acrylic ends in a smooth curve where it meets the plate extension that houses the OLED and knob.

In this kit, all of the required parts are included as well as a few extra diodes. All you need to provide to complete it is stabilizers, switches, and keycaps.

Kit Contents:

  • PCB, switch plate, bottom plate
  • Acrylic guard
  • MCU, through hole components, etc
  • OLED screen
  • Knob and encoder
  • Assembly hardware

Supported Layouts:

Mercutio supported layouts


  • Fully through hole kit
  • 128×32 OLED
  • Rotary encoder
  • MX-only compatibility
  • Base kit compatible mods
  • QMK and VIA compatible