40% + half numrow + knob + solenoid

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Knob Color

Pro Micro

A Pro Micro or equivalent is required to complete this kit. Only select the "No Pro Micro" option if you will be supplying your own Pro Micro or an equivalent dev board.


Extra Parts

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The Clunker is a 40% DIY kit with a knob and solenoid. We wanted to create a board that utilized a solenoid and as millennials, we frequently wondered what that weird noise coming from our cars was. We have fused those 2 ideas into the Clunker.

The kit includes everything you need to have a functioning PCB, you’ll need to provide your own switches, stabilizers, keycaps, and USB cable.

Kit Contents:

  • PCB, switch plate, bottom plate
  • Acrylic guard
  • Pro Micro and all necessary components
  • Solenoid
  • Knob and encoder
  • Assembly hardware


  • Pro micro powered
  • QMK/VIA/VIAL support
  • Mandatory encoder
  • Acrylic guard lets you see under the hood