The BBPad is our fun, simple, BlackPill-powered, and feature-packed macropad that can be built with either Choc or MX switches.
If you want to build it to work with Bluetooth, try building
with the PillBug and adding a battery.

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The BBPad is a simple macro/number pad that can be used as 4 columns by 5 row numberpad configuration or as a wider 5 columns by 4 row macro pad. The BBPad is powered by the BlackPill/PillBug and can make use of the larger processing power and memory to store all kinds of interesting macros and RGB LED options. Speaking of which: The BBPad sports per-key RGB LEDs and several underglow RGB LEDs around the perimeter. With the support of the PillBug, this board can be used with BlueTooth as well. Both MX and Choc switches are supported on the board, with MX spacing for both.


  • MX and Choc switch support
  • BlackPill powered
  • QMK and ZMK support
  • Supports numpad or grid layout

Kit Contents:

  • PCB, bottom plate
  • Assembly hardware
  • Acrylic guard
  • Knob & encoder
  • BlackPill
  • Underglow and per-key RGBs