BB Steno


All PCBs in this kit will be blue for the time being.

This is the Basic Bitch Steno (BBS or BB Steno) Keyboard. This is a barebones no-nonsense PCB. It doesn’t even have a case, the PCB just sits there lookin pretty. Just throw chocs or MX on there, solder on a BlackPill, stick some bumpons on the bottom of the PCB, and start learning how to use stenography

Note: This is an early sell prototype and does not support RGB strips even though there appears to be a breakout on the bottom (it is wired wrong).

This kit includes:


– Bumpons

– Diodes

You will also need a BlackPill to use this board.

If you buy one through the add-ons below, it will come preflashed with QMK firmware.

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