BB Steno


All PCBs in this kit will be blue for the time being.

This is the Basic Bitch Steno (BBS or BB Steno) Keyboard. This is a barebones no-nonsense PCB. It doesn’t even have a case, the PCB just sits there lookin pretty. Just throw chocs or MX on there, solder on a BlackPill, stick some bumpons on the bottom of the PCB, and start learning how to use stenography

Note: This is an early sell prototype and does not support RGB strips even though there appears to be a breakout on the bottom (it is wired wrong).

This kit includes:


– Bumpons

– Diodes

You will also need a BlackPill to use this board.

If you buy one through the add-ons below, it will come preflashed with QMK firmware.

In stock


Sockets and Pins

These are strip sockets and pins for the BlackPill and TouchPal. Due to the plateless nature of this board, Millmax sockets will not work correctly to make it hotswap so they are not being offered here.

Assembly Aids


Add-ons total: