The Mercutio

We have always been interested in 40% boards, but they’re not the easiest things to find. It’s a size of keyboard that most people would never see themselves using but it’s not so small that they completely ignore the idea. And going back to one of our major goals, we want to provide avenues for the average keyboard hobbyist to just try out new stuff without emptying their wallet or waiting extended periods of time.

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The Mercutio will be another FR4 sandwich board. It’ll be sold as a through hole kit with all the necessary components included. Only thing you’ll need to provide yourself are switches, stabs, and keycaps. A pretty common feature of these through hole kits is a viewing area for the on board components and the Mercutio is no exception. You worked hard to prepare, place, and solder all those little bits, might as well show it off.

We also found there’s plenty of room to fit an OLED and rotary encoder in the forehead of the board. You might lose some keys on the base layer but we’ve added in some extra utility to make up for it.