The Big Dill Extended

The BDE started out as a joke on a Discord server but after some tinkering and designing, we realized we had a surprisingly functional board on our hands. And since this started out as a ‘for fun’ project, we managed to pack quite a few features into this compact package. There’s so many in fact, I’m still having trouble remembering and listing out all the features in one go when someone asks.

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IC Form


Ok, here we go. The BDE is an ortholinear 30% + numpad through hole kit. The PCB is designed in such a way that you can flip it over to change which side the numpad is located on. The components you will be soldering will be the micro controller, diodes, and Kailh hotswap sockets. The case will be an FR4 sandwich. Both plate mount and PCB mount stabilizers will be supported.

Why the BDE?

We started MechWild to address what we discovered was a widespread issue with the mechanical keyboard hobby, the price and availability. More specifically, a lot of the boards in development require a significant financial and mental commitment. There is no buying just to “try something out” for the majority of us. The BDE is affordable enough to purchase just to try it out for the layout or to try out the building process. You can use it as a daily driver, practice your soldering on it, or something fun to type on when you need a change.