The updated firmware for the Waka eliminates the need for the EEPROM. It is still available for purchase along with the kit.

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The Waka is a BlackPill powered ortholinear DIY kit. This will be another FR4 kit with a PCB, switch plate, and bottom plate. The PCB has a reduced footprint so the board is more conducive to acrylic stack cases without becoming too bulky. All you’ll need to provide to have a complete board is stabilizers, keycaps, and switches.

Yes, you will have to solder, but if you’ve soldered switches into a board, this is just as simple. A BlackPill is a dev board similar to a Pro Micro and is installed using the exact same process.

Kit Contents

  • Switch plate and bottom plate (color of your choosing)
  • PCB (color of our choosing {blue})
  • BlackPill dev board
  • Small strip of RGB LEDs
  • Speaker
  • Encoder and knob
  • Diodes and other components
  • Screws, standoffs, rubber bumpons


  • Optional middle encoder
  • 3 indicator LEDs
  • Multiple bottom row layouts
  • QMK, VIA, VIAL support
  • USB-C ready out of the box
  • Piezo speaker


The bottom row supports a centered 7u spacebar as well as 2-3-2 split spacebar, all 1u, or 1-2-1-2-1 layout in place of the 7u.