[CTO] Triskaidekaphilia


Available Friday the 13th, May at 13:13 or roughly close. I have to do this manually so no promises.

A 13u macro bar for those of you who aren’t superstitious, whether you’re only a little stitious or not at all.

Acrylic case, PCB, diodes, per-key RGB, and RGB underglow LEDs included.

This is a cut-to-order product and may take up to 2 weeks to ship out. Once an order is placed, it is at our discretion to allow cancellations.

Pro Micro

Pro Micro Sockets & Pins

Knob(s) & Encoder(s)

Assembly Aids


Add-ons total:



Kit Contents:

  • PCB
  • Acrylic case
  • Diodes, perkey RGB and RGB underglow LEDs
  • Assembly hardware